Winter Cheerleading will encourage the men’s basketball team as they play Fort Wayne Dwenger on Feb. 22


Winter cheerleading holds a pose on Feb. 8. The team cheered on the men’s basketball team as they won against Hamilton South Eastern.

Kelly Truax

The men’s basketball game will be held at home in the varsity gym and the game will start at 7:30 p.m. The game will also be the men’s basketball team’s senior night.

Nicole Vetter, blue winter cheerleading team head coach, said she created a goal for her team to reach throughout the season.

“(One goal I have for the winter cheerleading team) is that I want all of them to leave the season with a skill that they didn’t have coming into (the season). So not just kind of coming in and going through the motions and leaving feeling like ‘oh I didn’t get to do this during basketball season,” Vetter said.

Elie Anania, winter cheerleader and junior, explained her favorite part about winter cheerleading.

Anania said “My favorite part about cheerleading is the stunting and during time outs we go out and do different cheers or stunts.”

The winter cheerleading teams will continue to support the men’s basketball team as they head into the IHSAA tournament.