Winter Cheerleading to support the women’s basketball team as they compete in regionals on Feb. 9


Nick Beckman

Winter cheer team practices a group cheer to perform at games. They were holding this pose to clean the move and make their cheer look more unison.

Kelly Truax

The women’s basketball game will start at 8 p.m. at Kokomo high school. The blue winter cheer team has been preparing for the event during practices this week. Nicole Vetter, blue winter cheer team head coach, explained what a typical game schedule is for the team.

“For a home game, we’ll get here and (junior varsity) will cheer the JV game, but for varsity, they get here around 6:15. We stretch, warm up and run through what we’re doing for each of the quarters. We go over what stunts and tumbling we’re going to do. (Both) JV and varsity go and do like pre-game cheers. Then, (varsity) does the starting lineup, sideline cheers and the half time cheers,” Vetter said.

Elie Anania, winter cheerleader and junior, set a goal for herself to achieve this season.

“I think for me personally, it’s probably to know all of my cheers and just know what I’m doing. I also want my whole stunt group to get a full up,” Anania said.

Vetter said the teams demonstrate a hard work ethic and are supportive of one another.

Vetter said “I think they’re all hard working and supportive of one another. Whether that means in their own individual skills but they also work really well as a team. I think that’s why we’ve seen a lot of them grow in their skills because they work all together.”