Kenya Club plans fundraiser with UNICEF Club, meetings Sept. 21, Oct. 5


Mayil Bhat, Kenya Club member and junior, applies henna ink on a CHS student to raise money at the Kenya Club Homecoming booth. Mandeep Dhillon, Kenya Club president and junior, said the club will continue fundraise in the future to support the education of Kenyan orphans.

Carson TerBush

According to Mandeep Dhillon, Kenya Club president and junior, Kenya Club is planning a fundraiser with UNICEF Club to support the education of Kenyan orphans. Dhillon said this fundraiser, as well as future fundraisers, will be planned further at upcoming Kenya Club meetings on Sept. 21 and Oct. 5 in room H213.

Dhillon said, “We’re planning on collaborating with UNICEF, hopefully in the future weeks, and doing a project with them because their whole goal is kind of centered on helping kids too in third-world countries, so that kind of fit really well with our goal. We’re hoping to plan maybe selling bracelets or something like that with them.”

According to Kathy Hallett, Kenya Club sponsor and science teacher, the Global Interfaith Partnership (GIP), the overarching organization that heads the project Kenya Club is associated with, has a new director this year, Denise A. Soltis.

Though Hallett said Soltis has plans to change some aspects of GIP, she also said Kenya Club at CHS will not change drastically.

Hallett said, “Our club would be the same. One thing we might want to do is get more of our students involved in the leadership opportunities within the GIP because they’re all very talented people who want to get involved in things.”