PTO to meet tomorrow, Oct. 3

Bethlehem Daniel, Reporter

The PTO is scheduled to have its next meeting tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. in the community room. As the PTO just finished the planning process for the Homecoming dance a couple of weeks prior, the current focus of the organization is on the backpack program, Green Team outreach and Gradfest. According to Homecoming chair Donna Birhiray who has planned this event for the past four years, the dance has been in the planning phase since July.
“Homecoming is for all the students at CHS,” Birhiray said via email. “Homecoming is a chance for upper and lower classmen to marvel in the great experience.”
According to WHJE member and senior Kendall Fahey, the PTO is an integral part of CHS. The organization provides a system for not only students, but the greater community to become involved in the countless amount of activities at CHS, according to Fahey
“I think that the PTO is a great support system for teachers and parents, so parents have a voice outside for their students,” Fahey said. It is a way for the community to get involved in CHS as well.”