Design for CHS to start the street store project


Sophomores Natalie Khamis, Alyssa Smith and Anushka Dasgupta discuss plans for the street store project at the Design for CHS meeting on Nov. 14. At this meeting, Design for CHS members continued to work on plans for the upcoming street store event.

Kris Otten

Members of Design for CHS began work on the Street Store by reaching out to different schools and discussing possible dates to conduct the event.

Riya Verma, club member and sophomore, is in charge of reaching out to College Wood Elementary School to try and set up things like a coat drive to try and collect donations for the street store.

“Right now, what we’re doing is we all split into different committees on like who we’re going to talk to, so I’m doing ESE at College Wood, so I’m talking to the supervisor there,” Verma said.

According to club sponsor, Laura Moore, Design for CHS members are now discussing possible dates to host the street store in downtown Indianapolis.