K-8 mentors excited to become friends with their mentees


Breana Davis, K-8 mentor and senior, studies during Robin Pletcher’s, AP Psychology and K-8 mentoring teacher, SRT. Davis said she is looking forward to developing a strong relationship with her mentorees.

Da-Hyun Hong

Mentors will continue to meet their assigned students from Carmel elementary and middle schools as they have for the past two months.

Robin Pletcher, AP Psychology teacher and K-8 Mentoring teacher, said, “(The program’s) a great way to have elementary and middle school kids have a high school role model, somebody to look up to, to make them feel special and cared for.”

Senior Breana Davis said she is excited to continue meeting the children she will mentor for the rest of the year.

“In terms of gaining from the experience, (I hope to gain) maybe just experience working with younger students in this kind of peer facilitating role,” she said. “Hopefully I gain four new friends and be able to stay friends with them through college.”