Mentor and senior Emily Klotz hopes to gain more experience in working with children


Emily Klotz, K-8 Mentor and senior, studies during K-8 Mentoring teacher Robin Pletcher’s SRT. She said, ““I just hope to really connect with my kids more and get to know them more than I already do and be able to make an impact and be a friend for them.”

Da-Hyun Hong

The K-8 mentors will continue to meet with their assigned students from the Carmel elementary and middle schools every Gold Day during third block now that winter break is over.

Robin Pletcher, AP Psychology and K-8 Mentoring teacher, said some of the mentees moved away during the break so a few of the mentors are waiting for new children to work with.

Senior Emily Klotz said this is her first year doing the program, and she joined to learn more about interacting with children.

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I’ve done a lot of the education programs here, but I’d never really heard about this one until one of my friend said she was applying for it and told me all about it, and I was really interested. I think the next day I came in and got an application,” she said.