Corner Bakery Cafe Review [The Sweet Life]

The Corner Bakery is a counter-serve restaurant that offers a regular menu of soups and sandwiches as well as an array of different pastries for dessert. With its location in Clay Terrace, the Corner Bakery is a great place to take a break from shopping for a quick bite to eat.

When we visited the Corner Bakery, we ordered three dessert items: the English Toffee Cookie, the Chocolate Baby Bundt Cake and the Maple Pecan Bar. Although the table had some leftover crumbs on it as we were sitting down, the service was friendly.

The first dessert we ordered, the English Toffee Cookie, was $1.69. At first, we were really excited to try this cookie as we both love toffee, however it did not meet our expectations. The cookie didn’t really taste like toffee, and the toffee pieces throughout the cookie didn’t have the harder texture of traditional toffee. The texture of the toffee pieces was more soft, which didn’t really work with the flavor. The bake of the cookie itself also had problems. The outer edges of the cookie were unpleasantly crunchy, despite the center being nice and soft.

The second dessert we ordered, the Chocolate Baby Bundt Cake, was $2.79. This cake was drizzled with chocolate glaze. Unfortunately, like the cookie, while having a good texture on the inside, the outside edges of the cake were hard. Although we enjoyed the chocolate glaze on top of the cake, we felt as though the ratio of richness to sweetness in this dessert was off.

The last dessert we ordered, the Maple Pecan Bar, was was $3.29. This dessert consists of a crumbly crust with a thick, sweet maple filling, topped with chopped pecans. This was our favorite dessert because it had the right amount of smoothness in the filling and crunch with the crumbly crust. In general, the Maple Pecan Bar is very sweet, so it’s perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Overall, the desserts at the Corner Bakery Café were not as good as we would have hoped. The stale taste on the English Toffee Cookie and Chocolate Baby Bundt Cake made for a bad experience at this café, however the Maple Pecan Bar was quite enjoyable and the service was friendly. With these factors considered, we would rate the Corner Bakery Café a 2 out of 5.


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