Programming With Purpose: Code For Change Club to launch website for Indianapolis Charity


Jared Stigter (center), Code For Change Technology Lead and junior, helps Xavier Miller (left) and Sam Fang (right), club members and juniors, design a pricing page for the website.

Code for Change club has been working on a new project called Sapphire, a website, for Exodus Refugee Immigration Inc. The website will help the company manage volunteers and track their hours.

Club sponsor and principles of biomedical science teacher, Craig Harper, said via email that he was happy to sponsor the club. “One of the leaders was in my class last year (him and another student) had an interest in using their coding skills to help local organizations,” said Harper.

According to Evan Kenyon, vice president and junior, the idea to work with Exodus was inspired by two club co-founders who had previously performed an Eagle Scout Project for the organization. The club contacted Exodus regarding a potential project, and the organization replied, describing the challenge of logging language translators hours, and stated that a website or app may be used to alleviate this issue.

Kenyon, said, “(The club) thought that this project would apply well to not just (the Exodus problem), but to different things as well.”

Though the project is not yet available, Kenyon said the club only has a few more features to add. He said the company can currently edit most of the ‘necessary’ and add-on to parts of the website, such as profiles and events.  With their current pace and the amount of work completed so far, the club estimates this project will be done within the next month or so. Still, Kenyon stated that they do not plan on abandoning the project once it is up and running.

Kenyon said, “Even once we’re ‘done’ with it, we would like to still add more features to it.”