Science Bowl to form three teams, prepare for regional competition

Ally Horwitz October 30, 2020

The Science Bowl club will continue the process of determining the A, B and C teams this year during the second round of tryouts, the first of which occurred before fall break. While the first round of...

Senior Zoha Aziz presents the research she conducted with Project STEM over the summer. She said, “I participated in a virtual internship with a research mentor (over the summer)W. And we did that online and we actually looked at some demographics on COVID data and that was really interesting to see.”

Students motivated to go into healthcare industry in wake of COVID-19

Raghav Sriram September 23, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, senior Zoha Aziz had genuine interest in going into the healthcare industry. She was born into a healthcare environment, as both of her parents are healthcare professionals,...

Chemistry Club to host elementary outreach event on Feb. 21

Madeline Misterka February 19, 2020

The Chemistry Club will host an after-school outreach event at Orchard Park from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Feb. 21. At the event, club members working stations will demonstrate basic chemistry experiments for...

COmedy Sportz sponsor James Peterson sits at his computer and prepares for his morning on Jan. 27. Comedy Sportz will have an intramural match on Feb. 7 at 9:30 a.m. in the Studio Theater.

Comedy Sportz to meet on Feb. 7 to prepare for Intramural Match on Feb. 10 in Studio Theater at 9:30 a.m. 

Valliei Chandrakumar February 5, 2020

Comedy Sportz members will hold a meeting on Feb. 7 in P123 after school to prepare for the intramural match on Feb. 10 in the Studio Theater at 9:30 a.m. After the first event of the semester, club members...

James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl sponsor, reviews the agenda for the Feb. 6 meeting. Ziegler said the team plans to use the meeting to provide a time for individual subject teams to check in with the other teams and adjust preparation methods.

Academic Super Bowl to meet Feb. 6, attend three invitationals

Cady Armstrong February 4, 2020

The Academic Super Bowl team will meet on Feb. 6 in Room E212 until 4 p.m. Members should bring copies of their outlines, study guide materials and the books their subject teams require. The team will...

Sarah Warf, Comedy Sportz member and sophomore, works on homework during her SRT period on Jan. 8. Warf said during school, she looks forward to club meetings because she is able to easily and freely laugh.

Comedy Sportz to resume meetings on Feb. 7

Valliei Chandrakumar February 2, 2020

Comedy Sportz members will resume meetings on Fridays in P123 after school on Feb. 7. Members are expected to demonstrate all the techniques learned from the first semester’s rehearsals in home matches...

Art department prepares for National Art Honors Society induction ceremony on Jan. 30

Pranav Jothirajah January 28, 2020

The art department will continue its work as it prepares for multiple upcoming events, including the National Art Honors Society induction ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on Jan. 30. According...

Nina Metaxas, CMYC vice president and senior, works on homework during SRT. According to Metaxas, CMYC is currently working on finalizing the details for its upcoming dodgeball tournament, which will take place Jan. 17.

Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council to host dodgeball tournament Jan. 17.

Angela Li January 17, 2020

Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) will host its annual dodgeball tournament at the CHS fieldhouse Jan. 17, according to Nina Metaxas, CMYC vice president and senior. Metaxas said students can form...

Students start a Comedy Sportz training session, open to all CHS students, by playing a skills game in the Studio Theater during the first session of their SRT period on Sept. 4. Comedy Sportz is yet to decide its next meeting.

Comedy Sportz to discuss next meeting date

Valliei Chandrakumar November 21, 2019

Comedy Sportz members will arrange a meeting date after Thanksgiving break to discuss effective algorithms for continuous, positive audience reaction. James Peterson, Comedy Sportz sponsor and IB Film...

James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl sponsor and social studies teacher, reviews the final list of captains. Ziegler said that although they have begun to divide into individual quads, it is not too late for new members to join.

Academic Super Bowl Announces Captains, Divides into Subject Teams

Cady Armstrong November 1, 2019

The 2019-20 subject team captains for Academic Superbowl are Natalie Khamis for English, Noah Sim for fine arts, Martin Emerson for math, Tara Kandallu for science, John Mikucki for social studies, and...

Comedy Sportz members gather in a circle formation to prepare for the start of their training session in the Studio Theater during the first session of their SRT period on Sept. 4. Comedy Sportz will have its next meeting on Oct. 18 in P123.

Comedy Sportz to review elements of successful performances in Oct. 18 meeting to educate new members

Valliei Chandrakumar October 15, 2019

Comedy Sportz will meet in P123 on Oct. 18 to reexamine techniques and strategies discussed in its Oct. 4 training session directed by a member of the Comedy Sportz team from downtown Indianapolis. During...

James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl co-sponsor and social studies teacher, marks upcoming Academic Super Bowl call-out meeting on his calendar. Ziegler said this meeting will be on Sept. 26 in Room E225.

Academic Super Bowl to host call-out meeting on Sept. 26

Cady Armstrong September 24, 2019

The Academic Super Bowl team will host a call out meeting on Sept. 26 in Room E225.  The team plans to pass out the code of conduct, field trip form and dress code policy. Information about becoming a...

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