Club Spotlight: Muslim Student Alliance

Ayaan Nadeem

Senior Amna Mallick, MSA co-president

Why was MSA founded?

Muslim Student Alliance (MSA) was founded because there were a lot of other clubs such as CRU, JSU and a whole bunch of other religious clubs, but what we noticed was that there were a ton of Muslims at CHS and so many of them wanted something like those clubs to just get together and socialize with people of the same faith.

What are the main events/activities that MSA does?

Mainly MSA does a lot of the culture fairs around the city, like the A5 culture fair, the CCPL one and more. We also do a lot of community service work to give back to the community, like right now we are making these gift baskets for Eid and Ramadan. We have also talked a lot with administration trying to get students a prayer room, having teachers be a little more lenient with tests during Ramadan and more.

Why should people join MSA?

People should join MSA because, honestly, no one understands young Muslims’ experiences with social media, and in the modern age more than other Muslim students. We are not here to judge or tell you what to do. It is just a safe place to express yourself and have people to talk to about your faith. 

MSA co-presidents junior Sami Syed and senior Amna Mallick give a presentation about Ramadan. The club meets every month in Room B204. (Ayaan Nadeem)

Junior Sami Syed, MSA co-president 

What is the purpose of MSA?

The main purpose of MSA is to celebrate the Islamic culture and religion within western society. We really want there to be a community where Muslims at CHS feel welcome, so we do that through celebrating the Islamic culture.

Why was MSA founded?

MSA was founded to mainly achieve these goals of creating a community where people can come together and celebrate their shared religion and discuss with one another, especially people their own age. 

Why should people join MSA?

I believe people should join MSA as a way to express themselves, and experience community, a brotherhood almost. MSA can allow them to learn more about themselves as a person as well as being able to learn more about their faith from others.