In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, students connect, honor their Hispanic background in different ways.

Senior Alex Oritz wears a typical

Jasmine Zhang

September 14, 2020

With Hispanic Heritage Month starting September 15, people all over the United States and countries such as Spain, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, will honor this month by recognizing and celebrating the history, culture, and the contributions of Hispanic Americans and continue preserving their cultural herit...

Recent studies show decline of Chinese-owned restaurants, bring light to cultural changes between generations of immigrants

 Junior Ben Lin helps set the table at his family restaurant, Wild Ginger on 116th. He said he sometimes works with his mom at the restaurant on the weekends for a couple hours.

Sam Hawkins

February 21, 2020

For almost 14 years, junior Emily Chan’s parents owned and operated a Chinese restaurant in Carmel. The restaurant was always like a second home to Emily; when she was in elementary school, she spent almost every day after school there, playing or finishing homework, and as she got older, she some...

The Right Outfit: Halloween costumes should be cautious toward sensitive subjects but not restricted because of fear of cultural appropriation

The Right Outfit: Halloween costumes should be cautious toward sensitive subjects but not restricted because of fear of cultural appropriation

Sowmya Chundi

October 24, 2019

Just last year, Auli’i Cravalho, the actress who played Moana, declared it “absolutely appropriate” for kids to dress up as the Polynesian princess as long as it was in the “spirit of love.” But people were quick to dismiss her opinion, saying it doesn’t speak for everyone, and that there...

Respect The Gestures: With Japanese exchange students arriving March 20, students, teacher explain some barriers when interacting with foreign cultures

German teacher Angelika Becker shows her antique German houses and specifically points out the clock present inside the structure. Becker said moving to America was hard because of the language divide that she had to face everyday.

Angela Qian

February 22, 2019

Last summer, junior Christian Peasley spent 21 days in Japan with a host family through the Japanese foreign exchange program. He was fully immersed in the culture, despite having known next to nothing about the country just a few years earlier. The over 30-year-old program is a partnership with our siste...

Remembering the Holocaust: Jewish cooks on how they preserve Jewish Culture through cooking

Anna Klauz and Misha Rekhter

January 28, 2019

As part of Holocaust Remembrance day on January 27, social media editor Anna Klauz and managing editor Misha Rekhter ask Jewish Americans about preserving Jewish Culture through cooking.   Stacy Myra, First Generation Jewish American What type of food did you make? Blintzes, they are ...

Fighting a Language Battle: Students, staff discuss Carmel’s foreign language learning opportunities throughout high school compared to internationally

Junior Ava Hutchison (left) visits the Academie Nationale de Musique with her IUHPFL exchange group in France over the summer of 2018. Hutchinson said her summer program allowed her to learn more about France.

Tara Kandallu, Maddie Kosc, Robbie Ge, and Raphael Li

January 24, 2019

Junior Ava Hutchison walks down the hall with purpose, but stops when she sees someone who is familiar to her, her French II teacher, Kim Manlick. Although she was planning to go class early to study, she still stops to say “Bonjour.” For Hutchison, although France has always been a passion of he...

Across the Screen: CHS students, IB film teacher share thoughts about spreading culture by remaking TV shows from foreign countries

Get Cultured: Junior Hannah Liu (far right, second row) performs a traditional dance. Liu said reproducing shows is a good way to give exposure to the original show.

Richa Louis

December 13, 2018

Premiering on Jan. 2, Fox will air a celebrity-singing-competition-guessing game called “The Masked Singer” based on Korea’s “King of Mask Singer,” which debuted in 2015. Many students at CHS, like junior Sarah Hao, have seen the Korean version of the upcoming show and the trailer for Fox’s and ...

Culture Clash: Students should utilize clubs to explore other cultures, expand horizons.

Culture Clash: Students should utilize clubs to explore other cultures, expand horizons.

Jordyn Blakey, 15 Minutes Editor

January 25, 2018

As an African-American student, when I first came to CHS, I felt like there weren’t a whole lot of people like me. I knew all of these faces, but they seemed unfamiliar at the same time. As a result, I started to feel like I would get lost amongst others who didn’t look like me. However, when I ...

O’ Christmas Tree: Students put up Christmas decorations, not necessarily for religious aspect

Sophomore Elle Nichol sets up miniature Christmas trees over her fireplace.  Nichol said she incorporates her German tradition with Christmas.

Richa Louis

December 14, 2017

Like many people  during this time of the year, freshman Shreya Sinha has a Christmas tree full of lights and ornaments sitting prominently in her house. But Sinha isn’t a Christian, and she said she puts up the decorations for other reasons. “We decorate (Christmas trees) because it’s fun,...

Dining with Diversity: Students, teachers assess how they celebrate their typical Thanksgiving with cultural twists

Senior Sathvik Madduri sautés onion paste before adding in other ingredients for Biryani.

Bryce Cheng and Darrell Cheng

November 17, 2017

When Thanksgiving comes to mind, turkey, mashed potatoes and football typically come to the forefront. For some students at this school, however, not all of these stereotypical elements are present. For senior Sathvik Madduri, Thanksgiving entails aspects not considered in an average Thanksgiving ...

Proud to be… American? Recent surveys show some Americans see language as a key part of our culture. What do CHS students and staff think?

Gordon Copee, AP U.S. History teacher, runs through a powerpoint presentation during his B3 class. They were discussing the events that unfolded throughout the course of World War II.

Alina Yu, Feature Reporter

March 17, 2017

After moving halfway across the world from China to the United States in the summer before her sophomore year, Qitao “Rachel” Du, former English as a New Language (ENL) student and junior, took a test in the counseling center that measured her ability in the English language. “They tested me ...