Piehl Power: New Assistant Principal Valerie Piehl reflects on past, new goals


Richa Louis

Why did you choose to become an Assistant Principal at CHS?

I’ve been the Assistant Principal at Fishers High School for the last 12 years, so I’ve been there for quite a while, and I was just looking for a new opportunity, a chance to work and do some different things, be involved in some different things. Carmel is a great school, great corporation, has a great reputation and so it was just a great chance for me to come here and do some different things.

What new aspects are you going to bring to CHS?

I think I’m just excited to learn, get to know the place, just getting to find out how to do things her and get to see what happens here.  

What do you think is our biggest strength at CHS?

I think the reputation of the school, in general, just from academics to performing arts to athletics, all the different opportunities that (this school has) for students (is the biggest strength). (I think) just all the different options and opportunities that have course offerings that (this school has to offer). I work a lot with curriculum so seeing all the different classes and all the kinds of things that are available for students, I think that’s great.

What do you think is the biggest difference from Fishers High School and this school?

Fishers High School is a much newer school, we’ve only been open for 12 years, where, obviously, Carmel (High School) has been open for a lot longer. That brings a lot more established traditions and histories, we talk a lot about, in Fishers, creating new traditions and doing things for the first time. Whereas Carmel, obviously, has ongoing traditions, which can be good and bad. I think sometimes you get in a way of doing things and that’s the way it’s always been done, but in Fishers we are doing things new and different. So, I think that’s probably the biggest difference, is just that (Fishers High School) is a newer school.

How are you preparing as the new Assistant Principal of CHS?

I started by meeting with some people and getting some information on what things are. I think I’m going to ask a lot of questions and learn a lot about just what I can. I’m getting to meet people and talk to people, learn about (this school)

 and read a little bit on things (in order to prepare).

Is there anything that you are excited about as a new Assistant Principal?

I think just getting to come to a lot of the different events here. Getting to attend the performing arts events, concerts, plays, athletic events and just getting to see all the things that the students are doing.

What impact do you hope to have at this school?

Hopefully, just being able to be a resource for teachers and students. Being able to be somebody who is open to ideas and hope that if a student has an idea or a teacher has an idea figuring out how we can make that happen and what we can 

do to get something going with some of that.