Phoning at the Fair: CHS students, teachers discuss the use of phones at the Indiana State Fair

Marissa Ryan

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As summer rears to a close, the festivities don’t have to. The Indiana State Fair, rated one of the top state fairs in the midwest by Forbes magazine is just beginning. Not only is the fair voted one of the best entertainment attraction in the region but offers a wide array of opportunities for students.

Junior Zoe Horne who has attended the Indiana State Fair the last four years said, “At the state fair there is something for everybody of all ages. There are games and animals for the little kids, thrill rides for teens, and good food and concerts for adults. It really offers a great personal interaction for all different types of people.”

According to Pew research 92% of teens reported going on their smartphones daily. With this constant increase in digital interaction, face to face events such as the State Fair are providing a rare opportunity for teens to interact in person.

Freshman counselor David Schleper who attend the fair every year said that, “Anytime a student can attend a social event and see different things for the first time can be very enriching. Riding a new ride, seeing a cow give birth and so many other activities can be so rewarding. Students today interact less and less face to face, so engaging in conversations, making eye contact and reading other people’s expressions are all good skills to help people socialize.”

Horne said, “Face to face socialization is so important for people, especially in our generation, People our age try to hide behind screens and technology to talk to people, but it’s so important for us to develop interaction skills for later in life.”

She also feels that along with face to face interaction it is important to support locally and that the fair gives students opportunities to showcase hobbies and talents (including the 4H competitions).

While Schleper is not a teen he still enjoys how the State Fair provides quality time for him to bond with his family and “eat food you can’t find anywhere else”.

“Everyone should experience the state fair. I definitely plan to bring more of my friends to the fair this year, both so I can enjoy the amazing festivities and so they can learn about all it has to offer,” said Horne.