Phoning at the Fair: CHS students, teachers discuss the use of phones at the Indiana State Fair

Marissa Ryan August 15, 2018

As summer rears to a close, the festivities don’t have to. The Indiana State Fair, rated one of the top state fairs in the midwest by Forbes magazine is just beginning. Not only is the fair voted one...

With her fellow ComedySportz participants, junior Sarah Lein  (right) participates in an “Interrogation” activity with junior Eric Bembenek (left) and senior Chuck Burton (center). Lein joined ComedySportz to figure out what path she wants to take.

It’s Okay to be Lost

Students at CHS unsure of what they want to do after high school
Heidi Peng, Story January 27, 2017

At the back of the CHS performing arts hallway, in Room P123, six students, accompanied by one college graduate, chant, “Hey Fred Schneider, what are you doing?” This is part of a warm-up called...

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