Distance learning event in Arctic tundra will take place Oct. 29

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A distance learning event with Polar Bears International (PBI) is scheduled for Oct. 29 during SRT from 10 to 11 a.m. This event will take place in media center classrooms three and four.

According to media specialist John Shearin, the PBI is a science team that works on the Hudson Bay tundra in an ice-crawling vehicle called “Buggy One.” The vehicle serves as a roving classroom that is used to connect with the world and teach people about polar bears and climate change.

Using telecommunications, Carmel High School will be able to connect with the science team out on the tundra. “We will be using the Internet Protocol system which allows us to hook our system up to any other system around the world. This system is similar to Skype, but with amazing broadcast quality image,” Shearin said.

During this event, students will be able to watch polar bears on the tundra and ask scientists questions live.

According to junior Irene Gibson, she and her sister, freshman Lauren Gibson, informed science teacher Jeff Young about the event. Young was able to get permission from the science department which allows them to conduct the event. Young is planning on taking his science classes to the event.

“It will be a great experience for students because they will be able to learn about climate changes from people who know about them best,” Gibson said.

According to Shearin, because many teachers have cut back on field trips, telecommunications can give students a great opportunity to have a virtual experience for free.

“I am especially excited to use the IP system for the PBI project because students will be able to get high broadcast quality image on scientists working outside of the United States,” Shearin said. By Sarah Yun <[email protected]>