NHS members focus on planning Ghost and Goblins 2k/5k and NHS tutoring

Kassi Darnell

iNational Honor Society (NHS) members are continuing to work with the Carmel Education Foundation (CEF) to plan and promote the upcoming Ghost and Goblins 2k/5k on Oct. 27. NHS members are also working to start tutoring students during late start and SRT.

NHS began tutoring on Sept. 9 in E111 during SRT and in the freshman LGI room during late start.

“We’re going to have NHS members in there tutoring whoever wants to come,” NHS president Joshua (Josh) Schumann said. “Primarily, I think it’s directed at freshman so we’re going to promote probably to the freshman more than everyone else.”

NHS officers have also set up committees that are seeking out promotional opportunities for the Ghost and Goblins 2k/5k with businesses, schools in the district and throughout the community.

“As we progress up to sign up, it’s very important to tell people it’s a big supportive type of thing,” Carmel Education Foundation (CEF) co-executive director Stephanie McDonald said. “We’ll give out some extra fact sheets. We’ll also have save-the-date cards to leave in businesses.” By Kassandra Darnell