Art club prepares for fundraising opportunities at fall art show on Nov. 15

Valliei Chandrakumar

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Members of art club continue in their fundraising schemes with preparation for the upcoming fall art show on Nov. 15 in the CHS commons. This annual event, organized by art club members and art students, showcases students’ pieces from throughout the fall semester while also exhibiting fundraising attractions. Since works of different artistic styles were already picked to display, members will come up with formulations and blueprints in approaching meetings for the show’s attractions relating to November’s philanthropic events at CHS.

According to Jennifer Bubp, art club sponsor, the two major charity events, occurring in art classes around the time of the fall show, are a canned food drive and a school wide backpack donation program. “The fall art show will be the culminating event where anyone coming to see the show, parents, family members, friends, whoever, can come and donate to the canned food drive as well,” she said.

Emma Richardson, art club member and sophomore, says the fundraising components of art club projects are beneficial and supportive towards students’ futures through its building of strong, positive relationships with the public. “I feel like the community gets to know what art club really is,” she said. By Valliei Chandrakumar