rt Club incorporates community service and craftsmanship at new window painting tradition

Valliei Chandrakumar

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The members of Art Club can be found busily planning for the adoption of a new Christmas tradition: the painting of windows for Carmel residents to admire during the winter season at Carmel City Center. Members will paint a miniature and regular sized set of angel wings for families to take photos with by the Carmel ice skating rink. According to Art Club sponsor Jennifer Bubp, members will soon learn specific techniques to successfully paint the windows since Art Club team leaders are achieving their goals of including new, beneficiary projects that exemplify positive connections between the public and Art Club members.

“Members are learning the basic painting craftsmanship skills and just a little bit of shading skills using different color schemes to make the windows come to life,” she said. In addition to the fundraising goals, Art Club strives to teach students knowledge in various artistries.

Setareh Hamidi, art club member and sophomore, said the Art Club always provides a fun way to contribute to the community. “We take Art Club in a fun direction where we help people but we also have fun with it. We make really beautiful stuff too,” she said. By Valliei Chandrakumar