Design for CHS continues Hands on Education and project planning


Juniors Shivani Balachandar and Hannah Na discuss Hands on Education at the last Design for CHS meeting on Oct. 16. Design for CHS has been visiting IPS schools every Friday to teach fifth graders more about science.

Kris Otten

Design for CHS has continued work on their Hands on Education and Street Store projects.

According to junior Karthik Arcot, Hands on Education is a program where Design for CHS members go to IPS schools every other Friday and teach fifth graders about science by engaging them in science experiments and projects.

“Seeing the excitement in the kids’ faces when we do Hands on Education is really fun, just seeing how excited they get when we do experiments. They love doing slime,” Arcot said.

According to club sponsor Laura Moore, Design for CHS will be hosting the Street Store for homeless families in March. Members will be collecting clothes from middle schools and the library to give out at the Street Store.