Members of Write A Book Club aim to foster community of writers, participate in NaNoWriMo

Lillian He

One of the newest clubs   formed this year is the Write a Book Club. The club’s founders said they formed the club for a variety of reasons, but one of the main ones was the community of writers they hoped to create.

Jasmine Hsu, vice president of Write a Book Club and sophomore, said, “Me and some close friends of mine, we have always had a passion for writing, and we really wanted to create a writing community where people could come, share and cultivate their ideas.”

Michele Satchwell, Write a Book Club sponsor and English teacher, said she ultimately decided to help with the creation of the club because, “Writing is normally a lonely, solitary experience and I really liked that the girls wanted to make it not solitary­— that we can all write our own things but at the same time and share with each other.”

In addition to creating a community of writers, the founders of the club said they also hope to solve one of the many problems high school writers face: finding the time to write.

Uredoojo ‘Uredo’ Agada, secretary of Write a Book Club and sophomore, said, “We kept running into the problem where we just couldn’t find the time to continue writing, a time that was consistent and good for all of us, so this club is a lot about finding the time and having a specific scheduled time in your week to just write.”

Lillian He

Though new, the club has settled into somewhat of a routine as to the layout of its meetings. Hsu said they start each meeting with a workshop covering a topic aimed at helping the club’s members improve their writing. This workshop is then followed by a large chunk of writing time.

November is also National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), a challenge that aims to have its participants complete a novel in a month’s time. The Write a Book 

Club founders said they hope to support members who choose to participate and to incorporate some activities associated with that

 challenge into their plans as well. The club meets weekly on Fridays, which provides time to work.

“We really want to support (NaNoWriMo) and I know that during November the public library has some meetings and things so I’m hoping we can meet over there,” Satchwell said.

According to Agada, students can still join the write a Book Club.

Agada said, “We want to reach out to anyone that has an interest in writing and even if you don’t, you never know what you might find.”