Do Something Club to conduct annual Fleece Blankets for Homeless event


Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler plans for the club’s upcoming annual Fleece Blankets for the Homeless event. According to Ziegler, this annual event will take place Nov. 14 after school in the Freshman Cafeteria and will help the homeless population in Indianapolis.

Angela Li

Do Something Club will conduct their annual Fleece Blankets for the Homeless event Nov. 14 after school in the Freshman Cafeteria from 3:15 to 5:00 p.m. According to Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler, this event is open to all CHS students, and people that plan to participate are encouraged to bring fleece and scissors to make the blankets.

“The day of the event we’ll have training stations if somebody wants to make a blanket but they’ve never made one of these before,” Ziegler said. “They’re really easy to do, but we’ll have a little tutorial station on how to make the blanket.”

Samantha Kadinger, Do Something Club member and senior, said the club hopes to make 60 blankets this year during the event.

“We do this (project) every year because it gets pretty cold here during the fall and winter months. Most homeless shelters run out of blankets around this time, and those on the streets will struggle to find warmth. With this event, we hope to bring some help to those homeless shelters and those on the streets,” Kadinger said.

According to Ziegler, the club will meet after school on Tuesday Nov. 27, but he said the club’s first priority is the Fleece Blankets for the Homeless event Nov. 14.

“As a community service club, we want to help those that are less fortunate, and obviously our homeless population definitely falls into that category. We have a large number of homeless people, especially in the streets of Indianapolis, that are sleeping on the streets and at this time of the year, and the temperature is starting to drop, so that’s why we want to do the blankets,” Ziegler said. “Also, at homeless shelters, in addition to socks, blankets are another one of the items that homeless shelters go through most quickly, and so that’s one of the reasons we’re doing it.”