NHS wraps up Ghost and Goblins and focuses on volunteering

Kassi Darnell

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Following the annual Ghost and Goblins 2k/5k, National Honor Society (NHS) members are working on wrapping up the event and focusing more on service hours.

NHS sponsor Michelle Skidmore said this year’s Ghost and Goblins had the best turnout in the history of the event with about 2,400 participants and that the Carmel Education Foundation (CEF) was pleased with the work that NHS put into the event. NHS members will be meeting with CEF to discuss the event.

“We will have one more meeting with the ladies from CEF just to kind of reflect on what we thought went well, what can be changed for next year, and we’ll ask our committee chairs to give us their two sense into what they thought worked well and what didn’t because it’s just always an ever-changing process,” Skidmore said.

NHS president Josh Schumann said NHS members will be working on earning individual service hours for the rest of the semester. The club will become busier during the beginning of second semester with its annual carnation sales.

“All the members have a little over a month to finish up getting their required hours for the semester; they need 15 hours total,” Schumann said. “People are just getting their individual hours in the community. A lot of them are tutoring after school or doing other volunteer events.” By Kassandra Darnell