TechHOUNDS continue to work through preseason tasks as competition seasons approaches


TechHOUNDS leaders announce and discuss plans with members as the preseason gradually ends and build season approaches. Tweet: TechHOUNDS will have meetings on Nov. 29 and Dec. 6 in the main cafeteria after school from 3:15 to 5.

James Yin

TechHOUNDS will have continue to have meetings each Thursday from 3:15 to 5 after school in the main cafeteria with the exceptions of Nov. 22 and Dec. 20 for Thanksgiving Break and finals week, respectively. Zachary Bonewit, head coach of TechHOUNDS and engineering teacher, said as the official competition season approaches, more emphasis will be put on learning new principles and techniques.

“Right now it’s kind of like practice. We’re preparing for the build season. We’re learning new tools. We’re learning new technologies. We’re doing things to prepare ourselves for the build season because during the build season, it’s six weeks every single day, very fast paced,” Bonewit said. “We don’t have enough time to learn new things. It’s all about let’s apply what we learned in our offseason and apply it to building the robot, designing a new field.”

Ethan Moran, public relations member and senior, said he agreed with Bonewit.

“As PR, we’re also teaching all the new members how to use the lasering machine, the vinyl machine, teaching them how to use, how to take pictures, basic training stuff. The purpose of everything before winter break is just training,” Moran said. “Every division is making sure everyone knows what they’re doing before build season starts in January when we’re going to have to be here everyday after school and work hard to get our robot done.” By James Yin