Here’s the Scope: Despite opposition, people should keep horoscopes alive, appreciate their true purpose

Anna Klauz

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Astrology dates back to the ancient days when the divination by the stars was an essential practice to find a glimpse of your future endeavors. A modern-day twist has been implemented shifting its focus more on the social science aspect of psychology rather the observational science it used to be entertained around. With the birth of astrology from the Babylonians, the ancient times had created astrology through its symbolism and as defined in the Encyclopedia Britannica; “The ancient art or science of divining the fate and future of human beings from indications given by the position of stars and other heavenly bodies.”

As horoscopes have transitioned to show a more playful side, I can’t help but peek at my everyday fortune for some daily inspirational words and something to look forward to in my day. Although some of the statements made in a horoscope may be too broad for a specific application in one’s life or may not have happened at all that day, they can be seen as a motivator to find that positive in your day that they so-called “predicted.” Pop-astrology can now be seen emerging across all social media platforms as my personal favorite is the Snapchat weekly astrology by Cosmopolitan. Every Monday the pop-culture magazine offers a weekly horoscope, providing the comfort of imagining an improved week, a tangible reminder of that truism that can be lost in the midst of your busy everyday schedule.

However, no matter how much us astrology-loving people may appreciate this small dose of encouragement to get us through the week, we must not take these words at face value and dismiss the pop-culture aspect of it all. The same attitude should be displayed from skeptics as they may have a more negative attitude towards these inspirational words and should respond to them in a more light-hearted manner and an open mind to fully access the great motivator it really can be.

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