Design for CHS continues individual projects after the Street Store


Juniors Karthik Arcot and Shivani Balachander brainstorm projects for next school year. Design for CHS has continued individual projects like Hands on Education since the Street Store event on March 16.

Kris Otten

Now that the Street Store event has passed, Design for CHS members are focusing on different projects and plans for the club next year.

According to Hannah Na, club member and junior, club members are “focusing on individual projects like Hands on Education and further developing other future projects.”

Na said that Design for CHS has been brainstorming some ideas for new projects since the beginning of this year and members hope to implement some of these in the next school year.

According to club sponsor Laura Moore, since Design for CHS is a student-run club, it will be completely up to members to decide which projects they want to continue with next year.

“Each year is a new year and so they will be working to decide where the club is going from here because each year they decide the projects that they want to implement,” Moore said. “So, if they feel this is one they want to continue then they will, but if not then they will move their focus to other projects.”