School Board to implement new natatorium entrance, new elementary schools


Superintendent Michael Beresford gives a superintendent report during a school board meeting on April 22. Beresford presented on many of the recent notable achievements of CHS, such as TechHOUNDS winning the Indiana State Championship.

Sam Shi

The school board had a meeting on April 22 where schematic designs of the two proposed elementary schools were presented to board members and the public. The meeting awarded a bid to JBM Contractors Corporation to replace the CHS natatorium entrance and the main cafeteria cooler and freezer. The board meeting also recognized some of Carmel Clay School District’s long-time faculty members and the CHS basketball team for winning the state championship.

Senior Yordanoss “Jordan” Daniel said a new natatorium entrance is important to the security of the school. “If they replaced the pool entrance and added an additional attendance office there it would do a lot of make things official and more efficient, especially since more and more students are on senior schedule.”

School board president Mike Kerschner said the board was updated on the process of building the two new elementary schools. “They’ve got some schematics for what the buildings are going to look like and where they’re going to be on on each of those properties. It’s really an update to the board to see where things are and a chance for us to ask questions.”