Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee closes up Twitter account as the school year ends

Sowmya Chundi

Throughout the year, Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee gained support for her classes through her Twitter account. Her feed consists of several pictures of Chinese students participating in cultural and linguistic activities. As the school year comes to an end, Lee said that she will not be posting as much until August.

Lee said, “My Twitter account is a good resource because people can learn about new events that the National Chinese Honors Society is doing and go to them. I also post some of the new activities we do during class. Unfortunately, we won’t have as much to post for over the summer without school.”

Molly Cai, Chinese National Honors Society (CNHS) Member and junior, said, “Both the Chinese classes and National Chinese Honors Society have had a really good year, and that is evident in a lot of Mrs. Lee’s Twitter posts. Although there isn’t much to post about over the summer, it will be really interesting to see what happens next year.”