National French Honors Society to host competition in November

Riley Laferriere

National French Honors Society had its second meeting on Sept. 18 and has already started discussing multiple ideas for the club in more detail.

Club sponsor Andrea Yocum has many plans in mind. She said, “At the next meeting (the club members) will be getting ready with other field trips… they also have talked about doing an event for the French holiday, Toussaint, which is All Saints’ Day, and that is Nov. 1.”

Throughout the year, however, they will not have access to the buses, which may be an issue for some of these field trips.

The main focus of the club right now, according to Vivian Zheng, club officer and sophomore, is the upcoming competition scheduled for the end of November. “We are doing kind of like a home scrimmage where we’re inviting everyone in the French program at our school to compete. That’s just going to prepare them for conquering and give them a fun opportunity to practice French,” Zheng said.

The best way to contact the club is through their social media @carmelfhs or their [email protected] By Riley Laferriere.