Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council to plan Toy Drive, Kid’s Booth


Angela Li

Nina Metaxas, Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) vice president and senior, looks at her binder during SRT. Metaxas said CMYC is working hard to plan their holiday events, Toy Drive and Kid’s Booth, both of which will take place during the first week of December.

Angela Li

Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) will meet on Dec. 4 to continue planning its holiday events, according to Nina Metaxas, CMYC vice president and senior. Metaxas said this meeting will be very important for the group, as two of CMYC’s events, Toy Drive and Kid’s Booth, fall back-to-back later that week.

“For Toy Drive, we have all the middle school (National Junior Honor Society) chapters come to CHS on Dec. 6, and they bring two gifts each to wrap. The next morning, the CMYC executives and committee members will bring the toys to the location; we’re trying to (bring them) to the Merciful Help Center and the Julian Center this year. Then, that night, we have Holiday at Center Green, where we’re working the Kid’s Booth and doing all sorts of crafts and (other activities),” Metaxas said.

Metaxas said she is hopeful that Toy Drive will run smoothly again, and said she loves how much of a positive impact this project has on the community during the holiday season. For Kid’s Booth, Metaxas said CMYC will do its best to have this new event go as planned.

“For Toy Drive, (CMYC members are) required to bring in three toys each, one for each category, as well as scissors, wrapping paper, and tape,” Metaxas said. “I’m not that worried about Toy Drive, because we’ve done it a couple of years, and last year was really successful. The only worry with Toy Drive is making sure all the toys stay in the right place, category-wise, because once they’re wrapped, if they get misplaced, that’s a big concern.”

In addition to planning for the upcoming events, CMYC adviser Kelli Prader said CMYC members will continue to focus on gaining more knowledge about the city’s governmental endeavors.

“One goal is to learn more about government and some of the services the City of Carmel provides,” Prader said. “We will be touring the City of Carmel Street Department this Thursday, Nov. 21, so we’ll go the the Street Department, and we’ll meet the people there. The supervisor will talk to the kids and they’ll get a tour, and that way they can further understand what the city does and what the Street Department does.”