Interview with Courtney Taylor; Community Relations Liaison for Carmel Clay School

Viyang Hao

Who have you tasked to do this job and why? 

The “CCS Rebranding Project” began… in the fall of 2018. This project has always been comprised of two componentscreating a new tagline for the district and then creating a new logo for the district. Last fall, we offered the opportunity to our CHS DECA students to work together on creating new taglines for the district. This was a yearlong process that involved lots of research, focus groups, brainstorming sessions, learning from professionals in the advertising field and a school board presentation. The DECA students did a fantastic job and were able to present three final tag lines to the CCS School Board: “Find Your Future,” “Together We Achieve” and “Excel Without Limits.” Now that we had the three final taglines, it was time work on developing a logo that would resonate with the taglines and capture the essence of Carmel Clay Schools. In the fall of 2019, The district asked (art teacher Michael Lee)  and his class of graphic art students to research and create a new Carmel Clay School logo. The class is in the final phases of logo development and we look forward to having them present the options for a logo at a future school board meeting.

Carmel High School has so many talented students and Superintendent Michael Beresford believes in giving students the opportunity to work on projects that offer real-world experiences. It’s also an opportunity for students to “leave their mark” at Carmel Clay Schools, as we envision the tagline and logo being something that will be used and recognized for a long time.   Why are we changing the logo that represents the CCS district? 

The district has never really had a logo, only a formal seal. The seal will not be going away, as it will continue to be used on more formal documents, such as high school diplomas. We are excited about unveiling a logo and tagline that is modern, simplistic, memorable and timeless. We expect the new logo to be used on our website, social media, press releases, marketing materials and much moreWhen we will see the new logo? 

The students are creating several “final” logos that will be presented to the CCS School Board. We expect their presentation to occur sometime in the next few months.

Is there anything else that I haven’t asked you, you think readers should know? 

We want to thank the students and teachers who have been and continue to be a part of the CCS Rebranding Project. Their creativity, passion and excitement for the project has been really cool to see. And it’s been fantastic to watch these high school students transform into advertising and design professionals.