TV Playlist: Galentine’s Day [MUSE]


Shruthi Ravichandran

Happy Galentine’s Day! First commemorated in an episode of “Parks and Recreation” this day symbolizes celebrating your girl friends and friendship. So grab a couple of your gal pals close, tell them how much you love them, and look through this list of TV’s best female dynamic duos to figure out which one you and your best friend are!

  1. Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins (Parks and Recreation): Leslie and Ann first met at a public meeting where Ann chewed out Leslie and her Parks Department for not doing their job. Ever since, the two have been inseparable. If you’re the Leslie in this paring then you’ve always got a smile on your face. You’re hardworking, and very emotional, so much so that you may need a best friend like Ann to help mellow you out sometimes. And if you’re Ann, you’re much more down-to-earth and loyal to a fault. But, sometimes you might need a push to go after your dreams from your “Leslie”.
  2. Jess Day and Cece Parekh (New Girl): Jess and Cece have been the best of friends since grade school. If you’re anything like Jess, you tend to be almost always singing, bubbly, and always down to help someone in need. You may even describe yourself as quirky. Cece is the opposite of Jess. She’s a model and is super cool. If you think you’re Cece, then you always know what you want. But while you and your best friend aren’t exactly alike, you know everything about each other and will always be there for one another.
  3. Rosa Diaz and Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): Rosa and Amy are the definition of work wives. The two are detectives at a police station in Brooklyn,  NY and always have each others backs. If you’re Amy then spreadsheets and new binders excite you like nothing else. You are incredibly smart and can be a little bit nerdy at times, but you always get the job done. Rosa on the other hand is the precinct’s resident “badass”. If you’re Rosa then you’re the kind of girl that owns a leather jacket and cleans her nails with a knife. But while you put on a hard exterior and tend to act aloof, you really do care and love more fiercely than anyone.
  4. Monica Geller and Rachel Green (Friends): Rachel and Monica have also grown up together and have supported each other through each major milestone in the other’s life. If you’re anything like Rachel then you’ve got an eye for detail and are focused on your work. You may, however, not have the best track record when it comes to relationships, but you’re never afraid to work for them. If you’re Monica you might be a little bit of a clean freak. You enjoy things to be in order and can be incredibly competitive. One of the most important things to you is family, whether it be your biological one or your chosen one.
  5. Meredith Grey and Christina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy): Becoming a doctor is hard. Having someone to help you through it is a little less so. Meredith and Christina first met when they started interning at the same hospital and have been inseparable ever since. If you’d compare yourself to Meredith, then you know how to be honest and are real, with both yourself and others. You care deeply and aren’t afraid of anything that comes your way. If you’re Christina then you are super ambitious and driven. You are incredibly intelligent and analytical. You also know how to cherish the important things in life and you love those you love so very deeply.
  6. Aimee Gibbs and Maeve Wiley (Sex Education): At first this friendship was one that was hidden (due to clashing social orders and unnecessary cliques), but wholesome nonetheless. The pair are the closest friends the other one has and both support one another unconditionally. If you’re Maeve then you love to read and your main interests are “complex female characters”. You can also be considered as someone who is closed off and gives off the general aura of not caring about anyone or thing, but deep down, you actually care more than anyone and, more importantly, understand where people are coming from. If you’re like Aimee then you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to show your true feelings. You can be a little innocent at times (which may lead to some people taking advantage of you), but you ultimately know what’s really important, and that’s standing with the people you love.
  7.  Midge Maisel and Susie Myerson (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel): First starting off as a strictly manager-client relationship, Midge and Susie are now each others closest confidants and the only people that truly understand one another. If you’re anything like Midge then you are super funny. Funny enough to be a stand-up comedienne! You are also very outgoing, unapologetically feminine, and someone who knows exactly what she wants. Susie on the other hand is a little bit of a tomboy. If you’re like Susie you’re not into anything pink and are very practical. You can be hardworking and really know how to talk to people and actually get what you want.
  8. Max Mayfield and Eleven (Stranger Things): This pairing is a little bit newer than some of the ones on this list, but your friendship is strong nonetheless and you would fight literal monsters for one another. If you’re like Eleven you are very powerful and very direct. You would do anything for those you love and would do whatever you could to protect them. If you’d compare yourself to Max then you know how to really deal with people and you know how to appreciate the smaller things in life. Like going to the mall and getting makeovers!
  9. Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl): Serena and Blair have been the best of friends since their childhoods and have faced everything from the SAT’s to a gossip column dedicated to ruining their lives together. If you’re anything like Serena then you’re a true It Girl. You’re mysterious, charismatic, and something of a free-spirit. You turn heads everywhere you go. If you’re like Blair, then you appreciate the value of order and are often the leader in pretty much everything you do. You’re also something of a romantic, while you may not show it, and people really look up to you. Or even want to be you.
  10. Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim (Gilmore Girls): Living in a small town of a couple hundred people can be rough if you don’t have someone who’s always by your side. Growing up together, Lane and Rory have been best friends who always tell each other everything and do everything together. If you think you’d be like Rory, then you value school over anything else. You are very determined and goal-oriented. You also appreciate and love your family and are really close with them. If you’re anything like Lane then you’re a little rebellious. You understand the importance of culture and duty and would do anything to make those you love happy.

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