Economics Club members to study macroeconomics, microeconomics as Indiana Economics Challenge approaches

Archit Kalra

Economics Club members will continue to study macroeconomics and microeconomics as part of their preparation for the Indiana Economics Challenge in April, according to Aiden Ascioti, Economics Club president and senior.
“At the moment, we are certainly covering a lot more (macroeconomics),” he said. “For the people who have done (macroeconomics), they are studying (microeconomics); for the people who have done (microeconomics), they are studying (macroeconomics).”
Competitors who choose to self-study the material will also focus on macroeconomics for this month.
This is also important for team selections. According to club sponsor Michelle Foutz, sometimes chooses students who self-study topics like macroeconomics to be on the David Ricardo team, which is generally composed of students who are new to economics.
“I generally have one or two spots open (on the David Ricardo team) for self-studiers, provided they get through the course,” she said. “I kind of wait until the end and see how strong they are, and if they’re not strong enough, sometimes I’ll just have to pick another person from my class,” she said.
Ascioti said he felt optimistic about the competitors’ preparation.
I feel fairly confident that both teams will succeed (at the Indiana Economics Challenge) like we did last year,” Ascioti said. “We have a good crew of people coming in (and) a lot of dedication.” 
He also added that, in regards to macroeconomics and microeconomics, both subjects cover similar information at times.
“Microeconomics is on a small scale (and) macroeconomics is a large scale, but there are a lot of principles that cross between them,” he said. “It all fits together eventually.”