Q & A with Franklin Hankins, sponsor of Ultimate Frisbee Club, science teacher


Submitted Photo: Fox Ultimate Media

Franklin Hankins, Ultimate Frisbee club sponsor and science teacher, plays ultimate frisbee. Hankins said ultimate frisbee required athleticism.

Alivia Romaniuk

How long has the club been going on?

The club has been around as long as I have been teaching at CHS, seven years.

How many members are there?

This year’s attendance has been way down because many members were seniors last year so we only have two regular members now.

What is your favorite part about sponsoring this club?

My favorite part of this club is playing ultimate frisbee on Fridays after school.

What is ultimate frisbee? How do you play?

Ultimate frisbee, or just “Ultimate” uses a mix of athleticism found in football, soccer, and basketball. On a field similar to a football field, players without the disc try to get open and the player with the disc can’t move and must throw to a receiver before the defense counts to ten. The goal is to score in the endzone like football. It helps if you can run fast (like football and soccer) and jump high and box out for the disc (like basketball).

How has the corona virus impacted the club so far? 

We don’t have any official events except playing on Fridays when the weather is nice. And sadly we haven’t been able to play at all this semester.