Senior Superlatives Winners

Josie Cruzan

Cutest Couple – Ellie Backer and Spencer Hanna

Most Athletic Guy – J.D. Rogers

Most Athletic Girl – Hannah Kim

Smartest Guy – Bradley Snyder

Smartest Girl – Rhea Acharya

Most Likely to Come Back as a Teacher at CHS – Elizabeth Price

Best Friendship- Lily Eggert and Jenna Kellermyer

Most School Spirit – Alex Nordhoff

Best Car – Ethan Meneghini

Cutest Pet – Megan Fortier

Most Involved – Julia Heath

Most Likely to be President – Chris Elmore

Most Likely to be a C.E.O. – Griffin Hadley

Best Instagram Feed – Thalia Freedman

Friendliest Senior – Jack Ducat

Funniest Senior – Kevin Dagvadorj

Most Likely to be Tiktok Famous – Jo Matsumoto

Baked the Most During Quarantine – Zoha Aziz

Best Dressed Male – Raymond Mo

Best Dressed Female – Megan Fortier

Most Likely to Find the Next COVID Vaccine – Lillian He