Senior Class ponders class gift options, anticipates reactions to new end-of-year traditions

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By: Jade Luo <[email protected]>

The Senior Class officers are still discussing the Senior Class gift. “We’re still looking at the options,” Terri Edwards, senior class sponsor and teacher, said. According to class president Corey Bright, the officers have had two or three meetings brainstorming for the materials, cots, construction and other details for the class gift.

After the class officers had a set idea for the class gift, another student suggested a new idea. Since then, the class officers have been discussing which one to follow through with.

“(The new gift idea) is more involved,” Bright said. “We may be resorting back to the first idea. The first idea is more of an art piece.”

Meanwhile, Bright said that she hopes the new end-of-the-year senior plans will be well received. The newsletter explaining the senior’s end-of-the-year schedule was sent out last Wednesday during SRT. Bright said she wrote it herself, using information from the Principal Advisory Council (PAC) meetings with Principal John Williams.

Bright said, “We would like seniors to do their best to cooperate with the new changes. It stinks that it’s kind of a trial year, but in the end, the seniors are still getting a lot of privileges.”