DECA to organize future practices and competitions

Saumya Somasi

The next meeting for DECA is scheduled to be on Oct. 8, according to sponsor Robert Holman.

Melissa Su, veteran DECA member and senior, said the meetings will be run virtually and mainly cover the logistical side of things.

She said, “Our competition heads are responsible for providing resources to competitors and holding help sessions. Traditionally, those sessions are in SRT, but they may occur virtually this year instead. However, these sessions are mostly voluntary for members to provide more flexibility.”

Holman said these sessions will eventually help students compete in the competitions next April and May.

Holman said, “We’re still going to have good numbers and I think everything is going to go smoothly, it’s just different having the hybrid schedule and seeing kids every other day. It’s going to be challenging but we can do it.”

Su said nothing in DECA has been finalized yet and they’re still working on adjusting to COVID.

“We are trying to be on the safe side because COVID is an extremely serious concern.” She said via email, “We chose to host our call-out meeting on Zoom and not in-person to eliminate the risk of people getting sick. We are still unsure of some of our traditional first semester events like the lead conference, but the executive team is working to figure out some alternative events if needed.”