Welcome to Biz Buzz! [Biz Buzz]


Chloe Sun

Hi there! Welcome to Biz Buzz!

My name is Chloe Sun, and I’ve been involved in the small business world for a while. I currently run an embroidery apparel shop (which–shameless plug–you can check out here) and my family runs a 3D printed invention shop (which–another shameless plug–you can check out here). I’ve also had numerous little gigs over the years selling everything from fidget spinners to trinket holders to paintings. Additionally, I love the NPR podcast, How I Built This, which interviews creators of the biggest brands out there like Khan Academy, Spandex, Lush, and more. In short, I find small businesses super interesting, and it’s amazing how, thanks to the internet, anyone can build their own business.

My mission with Biz Buzz is to create a space highlighting the ~buzz~ around CHS students’ small ~biz~‘s (businesses)! With so many talented students at this school, people sell all kinds of products, and I want to celebrate their successes and promote their businesses to a larger audience since I know how difficult it can be to gain exposure. So, check out Biz Buzz to be inspired by stories of entrepreneurship and explore new, interesting products made by CHS’s very own!

If you have your own small business and would like to be featured, I would love to get in touch with you! Email me at [email protected].