Key Club finds ways to help the community amid COVID-19


Key Club’s next initiative will be a teacher appreciation event on Nov. 4.

Sam Hawkins

According to Kyle Mundy, Key Club Executive Board member and senior, many of the Key Club’s projects and initiatives from last year will still take place this year within COVID-19 safety guidelines.

“There are a lot of different volunteering opportunities that we have going on that we have in past years, especially with the Carmel Clay Public Library, but a lot of our opportunities look a bit different this year,” Mundy said via email.

Mundy said the Key Club has found ways to bring food and other services to people in need while remaining safe. He said Key Club has started a group on the UN’s FreeRice website, which donates rice to people around the world for answering trivia questions. He also said he has reached out to the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis, for which the Key Club will be collecting donations of healthy food.

As of the first week of October, according to Key Club Co-Sponsor Allyson Ward, the Key Club has been showing its appreciation for teachers by bringing food to them in their classrooms and writing thank-you letters. This is an ongoing project.

Ward also said the Key Club is working on a phone phone drive called “Voice to Victims,” which provides cell phones to domestic abuse shelters such as the Julian Center.

The Executive Board will meet on Friday to finalize projects and details for the coming weeks.