Youtube Playlist: Study with Me [MUSE]


Grace Xu

With no more respite until winter break, here is a playlist to hopefully help motivate you for finals. I’ve always enjoyed putting on YouTube “Study with Me” videos while I study because they have nice background ambience and can help me feel like I’m studying in a cafe/library/cozy space (an increasingly rare experience given current circumstances with the pandemic). Hopefully these studying channels can help motivate you as well!


Playlist: Study with Me

Estudiar Derecho

Enjoy an impeccable view and calming lofi music. Most of the videos on this channel have only lofi music as audio, so it’s perfect if you find real studying sounds distracting.

Ruby Granger

This video and channel was what introduced me to the whole concept of “Study with me” in the first place. Since it’s 14 hours compressed into a three-minute video, I’m not sure you’ll make much progress studying along, but it might be the much-needed motivation for you to study in the first place. (Maybe not 14 hours, but at least 14 minutes?)


I actually kind of miss studying in the cubicles at the Carmel Clay Public Library…  


This is possibly my favorite study-with-me video. (Yes, I apparently have a favorite study-with-me video.) I also find ambiences, like the rain sounds in this video, very nice background noise for studying. (Here is another one of her videos but with pencil writing sounds for a more studious ambience.)

gutsy studygirl

The atmosphere of late-night, rainy studying is so soothing, and perfectly embodied here.


This video offers a beautifully minimal study space (I wish my messy desk could relate) along with real studying sounds, so it feels like you really have a study buddy there with you.


I’ve never really studied at cafes before, but I certainly have vicariously through this video. 130mood is actually a lofi curation channel, so all of the lofi songs in their study-with-me videos are quite nice.

Maria Silva

This is a study video with only studying sounds and no music, if you find music distracting. The lighting in this is also very cozy.


Good luck to everyone for the rest of the semester. Less than three weeks until winter break… you got this!


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