YouTube Playlist: Lofi Music for “Hifi” Studying [MUSE]

YouTube Playlist: Lofi Music for “Hifi” Studying [MUSE]

Grace Xu

December 12, 2019

As finals week approaches with no sign of stopping (unfortunately), here is a list of curated study music. Rather than the usual Spotify playlist, however, I’ve chosen to recommend a list of my favorite study music YouTube channels. They’re all gems filled with a whole curation of study music of thei...

Take a Break: Students at this school should consider taking breaks while studying this academic year

Take a Break: Students at this school should consider taking breaks while studying this academic year

Sam Shi

August 15, 2018

Sometimes the best study strategies are not to study for hours on end but to have breaks in the middle of studying for that upcoming test or final. Anyone who has crammed the night before a test knows the feeling of being both mentally and physically drained. Whether the cram before test day leads...


Sophomore Seema Dhungana reads her notes out loud to study for a test. Dhungana said reading the material and saying it at the same time helps her remember key points.

Alina Yu, Feature Reporter

April 20, 2017

STUDYING, SERIOUSLY As testing season approaches, students begin to study vigorously with various methods The first week of may is approaching, meaning AP testing and all the cramming for final exams will soon begin. Michael Wang, National AP Scholar and senior, knows that feeling more than most stude...

Students should plan for a meaningful summer, take measures to not waste available opportunities


May 23, 2013

It’s finally the time of year when summer vacation is just days away. All we have to do is survive some finals before beginning a much-needed break from school. While everybody has a different idea of the ideal and perfect summer, all students should take the time to relax and have fun before classes...

Academic Superbowl continues preparation for competition, study squads start meeting bi-weekly


January 22, 2012

Academic Superbowl coaches Matt Dillon and James Ziegler have turned the responsibility over to their students in terms of preparing for the events and digesting the material. Recently, the team captains, along with their respective teams, met with Dillon and reviewed some of the source material and...