DECA to prepare for State

Saumya Somasi

According to Melissa Su, veteran DECA member and senior, the biggest upcoming event will be the State competition in late February.

“With our district competition, there were some challenges with the uploading of items that required my input, and I predict that there will also be similar and new challenges that involve me with the state competition,” she said via email.

Sponsor Robert Holman said they have been working through challenges related to going online.

Holman said, “From a communication standpoint it has been challenging. The executive team’s been outstanding (in resolving these issues).”

Su said she agreed the executive team and DECA members have been working through changes.

“(Going virtual) means that there will be a lot of changes in how to submit presentations, projects, etc. However, these changes should not bring any struggles or major challenges,” she said.