Q&A with Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council president Nimish Bhat


Maddie Kosc

Nimish Bhat, Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council president and senior

What has Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) accomplished so far this term?

Obviously given the restrictions with the current pandemic,  CMYC has not been able to host several of our annual events, however, we have tried to find an avenue to maintain our overall goal of both fundraising and civic engagement. This has included our internal fundraising competition for the Carmel Fire Department’s Adopt a Family Program, our International Movies at Midtown event in which we are representing and celebrating different cultures, and a potential overseas pen-pal program with Carmel’s sister cities in Japan and China.

What has the role of a CMYC member looked like this year?

I think something unique about this year for our members specifically is that they will be the first to plan and execute virtual events for CMYC. Prior to this year, all of our events have been in person, and so while we are keeping the central theme of event planning as a member role, a new dimension has been added to it through the virtual aspect. Another part of the role that has come more into focus has been the adaptiveness of our members. There have been several instances where we have brainstormed an idea and worked initial steps, and unfortunately been told that we are unable to execute for safety reasons. While completely understandable with the public’s health as a primary concern, I think it has really shown CMYC members this year the importance of flexibility, which is something that I think they will take with them beyond just this year. 

Does CMYC have any upcoming events?

Like I said, we have not been able to conduct our annual in-person events, however, it has opened doors to some very creative virtual events that are being planned to take place soon. While I don’t want to give too much away, we are currently in the works of planning an elementary event to work with our sister cities in Japan and China, a talent show, and hopefully looking to work with the CCPL to host an event similar to our annual Howl-O-Ween outdoors this summer. Our continuing event of International Movies at Midtown will resume soon once the weather becomes warmer as well. 

For aspiring members, what will the CMYC application process look like this year?

We have tried to keep the application for this upcoming term as close to years prior as possible. Our applications are open currently, and close on March 31st. Consisting of some essay questions, a letter of recommendation and a commitment sheet, each piece of the application remains the same as before. The biggest changes that have occurred are mainly having virtual interviews for the second round of applications rather than in-person, and having our info session virtually. 

Do you have any advice for this year’s CMYC applicants?

I would definitely say to show how you stand out. I think with all the changes that have happened in the past year, while there have certainly been struggles and obstacles, I think it has also allowed a lot of people to take a step back and grow as a person, and I think shedding light on who you are as a person is the most important thing and the best way for us to get to know you as both an applicant and a person.