Choir students prepare for end of year

Emily Carlisle

As the end of this school year draws near, the choir program still has a lot to accomplish before May 26.

Ashley Elmore, member of New Edition and senior, said that one main focus is the live spring concert.

Elmore said, “For the first time this year, we get to perform in front of an audience which is super cool. Because of this, the concert is split up into two nights with five groups each night to allow for proper social distancing and safety measures.”

Kathrine Kouns, chairperson of the choir department, said that not only are they preparing for the spring concert, but also for a few smaller events.

Kouns said, “We are getting ready for our awards ceremony where we honor all of the students and celebrate the year. This is also where our senior choir members will be recording the alma mater which will be played at graduation. Outside of the department but still involving a lot of our choir students is the upcoming musical ‘Mamma Mia’ which has live performances May 6-8.”