Advice Column

Joshika Sathyamathan

I didn’t know what to expect from the transition from middle school to high school. I didn’t have any older siblings to give me advice, and both my parents didn’t go to school in the U.S. Our middles schools gave us a glimpse into high school life by telling us about clubs, classes to take, and some of their advice but I’m sure there is some underclassman who still may have questions or just don’t know where to start.


Everyone wants that high school experience in the movies and I’ll be honest it’s not going to be perfect. However, even though it’s still important to study and getting good grades, but it’s also about trying new things, branching out to make new friends, and stepping out of your comfort zones. Yes I know, it’s generic but it’s true you probably are going to have to do something that’s new and that could, in turn, create something positive. In order to get the most out of your high school experience, getting involved in extracurriculars, gaining new experiences like football games, taking a class can all be something you’ll regret not doing someday. 


Even though I’ve only had about four and a half quarters of going to school full time and my sophomore year virtual it showed me that I still have so much I want to experience. I definitely recommend joining clubs you are interested in with your friends. I am glad that I’m a part of various clubs like UNICEF, HOSA, Giving Hope, and CS Honor Society. Try to join at least two different clubs, so you can make new friends and broaden your interests.


One thing I highly recommend is one thing you should carry around is a planner and use it for everything. Don’t rely on your memory because there is definitely one thing you could’ve missed. Time management skills are crucial in high school when it comes to juggling extracurriculars and school work. Writing down tests, homework, or just daily reminders and then checking it off after gives me so much satisfaction. 


Ultimately, the most important tip I can offer to underclassmen is that, although you should still try your best when it comes to making good grades, the most important thing to do during your remaining time in high school, and remember everything eventually works out in the end. When you graduate and look back at your high school experiences it’s not going to be your grades that you think of first, but the experiences you’ve had.