Heros and Villains class allows for students to draw comparisons to everyday life


Dylan Gentilcore pictured teaching one of his English classes. He says he is excited for what the Heros and Villians class will become.

Kate Loper

        Several new classes have been added to Carmel High School’s English class list. One of them being “Heroes and Villains” taught by English Teacher Dylan Gentilcore. This class is available for only juniors and seniors. It is only a one semester class that teaches the everyday villains and heroes in literature and the cultural understanding of them.

        “We’ll be looking at what makes a hero, what makes a villain, how did we build up this mythos of heroic person and villainous individual.” Gentilcore said.

        Through this class, students will get a better understanding of what these characters do for daily lives of people and what they reveal about someone’s personality. They will also learn the cultural understanding of a hero or villain in society.

        “We’ve always have been captivated by, you know, that Yin and Yang (of heroes and villains).” Gentilcore stated.

        He says that heroes and villains play a large role in people’s lives and that they can be easily detected or equipped with the right skills to identify them. This class is a new and interesting way to view literature, as the class is presented in a new way.

        Along with it being presented in a new way, different types of literature are used. The Blank Panther comics will be read, along with “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”. All of these will look at the concept of a villain and hero.

        Gentilcore said. “I’m super excited to teach and introduce students to the origins of heroism and villainies.” By Kate Loper