Rho Kappa plans to form teams for next year’s Academic WorldQuest competition


Rho Kappa organizer and sponsor John Carter grades papers for his AP Human Geography class. He said the students in the club will start forming teams this November, to prepare for the Academic WorldQuest competition.

Royce Brown

Meetings for Rho Kappa will start this November, including a meeting for new members which will take place on Nov. 18. Junior Reegan Hahn, a new member who was recently admitted to the organization, said the meeting will discuss information about Rho Kappa and it’s future plans.

“We have a new member meeting coming up on the morning of Nov. 18,” Hahn said. “We will learn more about what Rho Kappa is and what we will be doing throughout the year.”

John Carter, organizer and sponsor of Rho Kappa, said they will be forming teams for the Academic WorldQuest which is a major competition held every year.

“We also do Academic WorldQuest every year, which is an international relations competition,” Carter said. “We will actually start forming teams for that here in November.” 

Carter explained that the competition has multiple levels as teams win and advance to the next level.

“We will prepare for that competition, which will take place at the state level in February and national level in April,” he said. “We’ve won the state competition 5 out of the last 6 years. Last year, we finished 1st through 4th place.”

Hahn said she is excited for Rho Kappa’s upcoming activities and events.

“I am looking forward to getting involved within the social studies department in the school and meeting new people,” she said. “I cannot wait to see what the club will be like and the activities we will do.” By Royce Brown.

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