Q+A with Junior Parisa Shirani


Jillian Moore and Chenyao Liu

What traditions do you and your family usually practice for Black Friday?

On Black Friday, we finish Thanksgiving up at around nine, or around eight, and then me and my mom, we always drive to Castleton to start Black Friday shopping. We go hard and we go until about midnight, 12:30 and then the next morning we wake up at around eight to go to the fashion mall and then we’re there for four hours. We always, always, always look out for socks. After shopping we’ll always get the mall boba and that’s also a tradition that also reoccurs every year. 

How has the internet changed Black Friday? Will people stop visiting stores in person?

Definitely. I feel like when you drive down, you know, Clay Terrace or even most of the stores in the mall, most of them are closing down.


Is Black Friday beneficial or is it too involved with material culture?


Honestly, if you know how to control it and you don’t get too hooked on the idea, I think it’s just a fun way to go out and get sales. It’s not so much of the shopping that gets people addicted, at least in my perspective. I think it’s more just the idea of going out late, staying up, trying to search for (products). It’s more just the fun of it that makes it such a tradition. 


How have you changed what you do for Black Friday over the years?


When I was younger, obviously I couldn’t stay out that long. I couldn’t get up super early. As the years went on I’ve just gotten more into it. But also, I will say I’ve gotten less into the buying aspect of it because when I was younger it was very much about getting the items I wanted. But recently it has been more about just pulling up and getting ready to go look for (products) and just enjoying the time spent there.


What advice do you have for people going out on Black Friday this year?


Oh my gosh. Definitely don’t get your hopes up too much on sales and stuff and then also just don’t get too caught up in complaining about how the lines are long or stuff is sold out because it really is just the spirit of it that makes it a good time.