Students talk about “camp,” niche, non mainstream aesthetics

Avery Carlisle

Q&A with Senior Regan Wakeman

How would you describe your style?

Honestly, I wouldn’t categorize my style as any certain subculture or any niche I’m trying to fit into. I think I’m just attracted to abstract forms of expression and it’s another medium for me to express myself. I like to go crazy with different colors that kind of speak within the same palette, lots of earth tones. I like to experiment with different textures and shapes and really just simply have fun with expressing myself.

Do you have any advice for readers style wise?

I like the spirit of (camp) and the whole idea of having courage to express honestly, even if it is a little bit of an exaggeration… Honestly fashion has fleeting rules but style is something that is very personal. Just express yourself in whatever realms you’re comfortable in and don’t be afraid to explore and take some liberties if you want.

Are there any challenges with dressing in non-traditional ways?

Sometimes, I’ve caught myself questioning an outfit I put together for fun because I do feel like

maybe I am a little too tall or a little too bold. So that can be a challenge internally. Embracing my desire for boldness, but

stepping it up:
Regan Wakeman shows off her unique shoes. Wakeman said some of her favorite shoes are her clogs made of yarn, and her sketchers combat boot heels.
(Hibba Mahmood)

actually choosing to dress that way comes so naturally.

How do you believe your style corresponds with your personality?

I think that everything that we do, every way that we express ourselves reflects this core. I think in every way, my style reflects my personality or character. It’s not static, the clothes I wear are ever changing, but it’s always in the same theme. I aim for it to be like a true expression of me.

How do you think other people perceive your style?

 I think that we are in this important age, a coming of age time of our lives, and I think people admire when others display that they are confident in their individuality.


Q&A with Sophomore Kaiya Lustig

Have people ever openly disliked your style?

Yes. Normally it is people where I don’t like their style either. It’s like a guy in all Under Armor telling me that. Like okay, same back to you. And then I go on with my day. I don’t really care. No one has ever said anything where I go home and rethink my entire style.

Where do you shop for your clothes?

All Ebay and thrift stores. I like it because there are so many clothes already in the world. You don’t need to produce any more. Also, I just like it and prefer it more.

Do you believe how you dress changes how people view you?

Someone once told me that my bangs were the most liberal thing they’d ever seen. So people definitely make judgments about you. There’s ways people can dress where you can make assumptions about them.

stuntin’ the style:
Senior Regan Wakeman wears a layered outfit. Wakeman said her style is a reflection of her personality
and that fashion is not always static. (Hibba Mahmood)