DECA to plan for marketing, competition

Saumya Somasi

According to Claire Qu, veteran DECA member and senior, DECA members are working individually to prepare for competition which does not have a set date yet.

“We don’t really have many official executive team meetings. However, we talk a lot during G4 since most of (the executive team) is together at that time,” she said.

Sponsor Laura Cardamon said the students in DECA develop skills that are invaluable for one’s life.

Cardamon said, “I tell my kids in my class that this vocab that you’re learning is going to help you through high school business classes, college business classes, and then real life.”

Qu said although the club has been different this year due to COVID, and competition season is harder to plan, she enjoys spending time with the other DECA members.

“My favorite part so far has been spending time with all of my friends and getting to see (DECA marketing) succeed,” she said. By Saumya Somasi.